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Yogurt; the good, the bad, what you need to know

A few of my friends are truly obsessed with Greek Yogurt and I do get this obsession. Yogurt can be a good food. Most contain good bacteria to promote optimal GI health. Most, especially Greek Yogurt, contain high amounts of protein- so great filling snack or meal replacement on the go. Yogurt can also be quite diverse in that you can buy so many flavors or you can be creative with your own and add super healthy ingredients to it like; chia or flax seeds or even flacker bits or a handful of seedsters for that matter (to add fiber and more nutrient to this already dense nutritious food). And all that is really good….

Having said that I have a few beefs about yogurt that I need to share and I hope that you digest this information well. First of all the most popular brands on the market today are not organic, nor are they necessarily GMO-free. So buyer beware! You may be eating antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and other evil things unless you choose to buy organic, non-gmo yogurt. In addition, I also consider the health of the cows. If the milk is not organic then these cows are likely filled with antibiotics and other chemicals because their living conditions are so bad that they need them to remain free of disease.

The other issue is that a lot of products on the market today have probiotics in them. There is no way to know if these probiotics are alive and active and also if they actually survive the acidity of the stomach and get to the large intestine, where they are needed. Most of us, with good reason, just assume that this must happen but it is not always the case. So if you truly need probiotics for health purposes then you may want to consider a supplement with a known dose of bacteria and one that ensures optimal activity.

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The Good Egg? It’s Complicated….

Who would have ever thought that buying eggs could be so complicated and confusing? I have discovered that claims can be very misleading to the buyer so beware! If you care about the animals and you care about what you put in your body, you will love knowing this info. In fact I was surprised myself at how misleading claims can be and feel much better knowing the truth!

Organic: Buy these! Hens are given only organic feed, no pesticides, antibiotics or hormones gmo. They must never be caged and must have outdoor access. Love this!

Cage free: Beware, totally misleading! Hens live in an open space not a cage or coop but the open space can be an overcrowded henhouse where they have limited or no space to move about and do what hens normally do.

Free range: Beware, misleading! Similar to cage free except the birds have some outdoor time. However, note; duration, quality and quantity is very variable and not specified.

Certified Humane Raised and Handled:  Amazing claim if you care about the animals. They are trustworthy and reliable. Meets standard of humane farm animal care-an independent organization, nonprofit. These animals are cage free with sufficient space to dust bathe and perch as a hen should do.


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