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Peppermint Delish

my garden mint bush

As much as I do love my peppermint, once again the tiny bush that I planted a few years ago is taking over my garden! So what to do with all of this fabulous aromatic herb? Here are some fresh ideas….

My favorite peppermint recipe is to just take a bunch of leaves and add hot water and sip. I like it hot, I like it cold and it is positively the most refreshing summer beverage. My sister-in-law adds it to her salads giving your taste buds and palate a little extra zing. The added bonus is that it is also amazing for digestive health and for the relief of upset tummies.

I will also use peppermint oil to stimulate my senses. The aroma is quite invigorating. I have used it to help my clients find relief from headaches. Also, on a daily basis, I use it at work (in my spray bottle) or around the house as an air freshener. I will take either the essential oil (5-10 drops) and dilute in water or just take some of the tea that I made, cool it and place in a spray bottle. I spritz my way through the day with this lovely cooling spray. It keeps me alert and also invigorated.

One word of caution, peppermint is very strong so do not apply the essential oil directly onto your skin.

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