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Want to Maximize your Daily Health, Happiness and Pleasure? Try these 10 Healthy Habits


Your daily checklist to maximize life

Start & End Day w/2 min deep breathing. Set attitude and release stress.

Get up and drink one glass of warm water

Eat 3-5 small meals a day

Balance each meal/snack with Protein, Carbohydrate, Fiber & Good Fats

 Move for ½ hour daily and then at least for 1 min every hour

Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water, not bottled water; add lemon or a tsp of apple cider vinegar for bonus health benefits

Say NO to 1 unhealthy lifestyle choice per day 

Say something positive and encouraging to yourself and some-one else today

Minimize the chemical impact on your body: ex-no BPA, Stay away from the dirty dozen (

Sleep for 7-8 hours

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1 minute of your time = a calm, radiant, healthy you

meditatingSince New Year’s eve I vowed to make time daily to ‘look within’ and stay connected with myself. I was listening to the Dalai Lama speak about health and wellness and he kept repeating, ‘calm mind=healthy body”. So although I usually focus my blogs on food and how it relates to health, He clearly reminded me with his strong message that body mind and spirit are very connected. So today commit to a 5 Minute Meditation. I have made it easy, so no excuses!

Find the time today to make your mind calm and a healthy body will ensue…if 5 minutes feels daunting give yourself one minute. Just one minute-you can do it! Let me know how it goes? If it feels delicious to you, please share and pay this message forward to someone you love….

1-5 Minute Meditation


Sit stand or lay down in a comfy position.

Set your cell phone timer for 1-5 minutes.

Close your eyes.

Take a nice deep breath.



If your mind wanders, that is ok, when you catch it, just relax and go back to breathing


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