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Is MSG making us fatter?

MSG-warningDid you know that MSG is associated, or shall I say is one major cause of obesity? MSG and free glutamine is added to almost 80% of our manufactured ‘food’ products. It is used to enhance the flavor and it is also known to make you crave more. MSG makes food taste better so you eat more, also, it excites brain in charge of fat programming so you eat more and you get fatter!!! If you look under obesity studies you will notice that they use MSG to create obese mice. That’s the protocol to make a mouse fat!

Feed a mouse MSG and it will become obese… is in 80% of our food….the obesity epidemic….hmm…maybe it is all related?

Even more shocking is that you may not even know if it is in the foods that you love because it is there hidden, disguised under many different names’. Here is a list of a few of those names. The irony is that some of these names feel very ‘good’ like ‘protein isolate’ or ‘hydrolyzed protein’ I mean why would any person think that a protein isolate is bad? But lo and behold it is! And it is a form of MSG.

I challenge you to read this list and if your diet is not already totally clean to remove all MSG for your cabinets, shelves, fridge and body for one week. Let me know what happens!

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