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Love, Health and Chocolate

darkchocolateNothing says I love you better than sweet, velvety, creamy chocolate melting you into the world of cocoa and its heart loving antioxidants and healing polyphenols. In fact, raw cocoa powder and dark chocolate (greater than 60%) have the same polyphenol content and greater antioxidant and flavanol content of many popular super fruits. 

Aside from its physical health benefits, dark chocolate is also known as a mind altering ‘feel-good food’. Studies have shown that eating a few ounces of dark chocolate per day improved people’s moods. Add to that the combination of the emotional response when eating chocolate -the smooth creamy texture, sweet aroma, and good memories it produces, along with its dash of caffeine and wow, chocolate becomes the most fabulous happy food.

So this Valentine’s day, indulge and enjoy.

And for your optimal health, pair your gift with a box of flackers; crunchy, savory, high in protein, fiber and  omega-3 -these snacks are the perfect balance to chocolate. And we all know that love and health are all about balance!

So this Valentine’s Day declare your love to yourself or to that special person with two of my favorite healthy things flackers and chocolate!

Much love, much health!

Dr in The Kitchen…Alison Levitt, MD

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Raw or cooked, that is the question?

Garlic: raw for the antimicrobial properties and the cardio-protective nutrient allicin. If you chose to cook your garlic, cook it on low temp. The wonderful aroma of garlic cooking is actually the allicin blowing in the wind.

Tomatoes: cooked. They have more of the anti-cancer phytonutrient lycopene when cooked, especially potent when cooked with a little olive oil.

Zucchini: cooked. Squash delivers more beta carotene, a building block for vitamin A when cooked.

Bell peppers: Raw. Cooking will damage the b vitamins, so enjoy your peppers raw.

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