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Breaking News! Eat Greens & Lose Weight

green smoothieIf you thought greens were great before, hang onto your roots my friends!!! Breaking news…. Swedish researchers have discovered that thylakoids,found in the green leaves of vegetables, triggers satiety/fullness! So not only are greens just the healthiest for our bodies, but in essence, thylakoids, a naturally occurring appetite suppressant found in greens can also help people regulate food intake, prevent weight gain, and promote weight loss.

It turns out that when animals and humans eat leafy greens, the thylakoids in the plant will delay digestion by binding to fats, thus slowing the ability of the pancreatic enzyme that digests fat; lipase and co-lipase, to hydrolyse or dissolve the fats. Thylakoids also trigger the release of cholecystokinin, another natural chemical in our bodies that is a key signal of fullness or satiety.

If that is not enough, the discovery also shows that increased consumption of thylakoids can also raise leptin levels; a hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake between meals and over longer periods of time (ie; the hunger regulator). An increase in Leptin concentrations in the blood six hours after eating is a particularly important finding, given that leptin plays this key role in regulating hunger, and cravings (especially after meals). This is typically a big problem for people trying to maintain a healthy weight.

There are many options available today for weight loss and appetite suppression but most are not healthy. Some of the OTC options are downright dangerous, and the available pharmaceutical choices have the potential to be quite harmful if not taken properly.

Nature is amazing! It has even provided us with a natural and ultra healthy non-thermogenic appetite regulator. Now that we know that greens can help to regulate hunger and fullness I say go green all the way!! A few greens today may just help keep the doctor away….

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