Spring cleanse the Ayurvedic way

09 May

Lately I have been longing for my time spent on the ashram I used to live at in India. When life gets hectic and busy I do try and pause and remind myself to practice; all those years of glorious meditations and daily satsungs sometimes get lost in the daily grind until I sit down and close my eyes and breathe. And then, like a flash flood the memory of my teacher and his words and the silence and the meaning of the silence comes through and I am transported back to myself and find that space of pure love, of pure bliss and peace that I crave. Today in one of those pauses I was reminded that with Spring in the air it is the perfect time to focus our attention on rebalancing our bodies and energies from that thick winter sluggishness into lightness and freshness.

According to Ayurvedic ways Kapha, the dosha or natural force that governs strength, immunity and the lubrication of our bodies dominates in late winter and early spring. This is the result of heavier winter eating and poor digestion and elimination and can cause congestive disturbances like sneezing, coughs and colds. But as the season changes and the earth thaws and warms this is a good signal to us to shift our food intake to lighter dryer fare in order to open the bodies’ channels to easily clear that congestion and clear toxins that have accumulated.

In order to do this and bring our bodies back into balance we can add more warmth, dryness and lightness to our bodies through our diets. Foods that will take us out of the sluggish winter mode include; spinach, dandelion greens, endives, lettuces, and lightly cooked leafy greens like kale and collards. Emphasize lighter dryer grains like millet, amarynth or quinoa; meat products should be limited to fresh wild caught fish. Enjoy roasted vegetables and  a lot of fresh fruits like cherries, berries and pomegranates. Add lemons and limes to salads and dressings enjoy apples and pears which are also good astringents.

A lovely herbal tea blend to help reduce Kapha would be to boil 1 tsp of fennel, 1/2 tsp coriander and 1/2 tsp of cumin, let it steep in these herbs for a few hours, strain then enjoy.

Ginger tea is also excellent cut up some ginger slices or grate into already boiling water, then let steep, add local organic honey, lemon or lime fresh and enjoy cool or hot.

Keep your metabolism lively with at east 30 minutes of movement daily. Try and use your whole body including your arms and legs , make sure to incorporate some twisting movements and lengthening stretches as well so that you can squeeze out all of that excess winter sluggishness.

And finally try daily to sit down in a quiet place and even for just a few minutes give yourself permission to relax…. do some deep cleansing breathing into your abdomen and put your attention on connecting with yourself. In this way you will find deep inner harmony and joy within yourself.

Enjoy your blissful spring!

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