Looking for a healthy, delicious, joyful life without medication?

30 Apr

Most doctors try hard to convince you to take a drug to help you with whatever ails you. I have done it and so I know. But I also know that many drugs do not prevent disease, they just help to control or dampen your symptoms and often they have many side effects.

A good example is with autoimmune diseases where medications like prednisone or methotrexate or other immune suppressing medications are given to help stop the progression of the disease and reduce symptoms. These drugs treat the disease by suppressing the immune system so that your disease is less active. This is good but at what cost? Our immune system is a vital part of regulating our body’s health; preventing us from getting cancer and other bacterial diseases. So when it is suppressed are we inhibiting that natural process?

Sometimes medication is the best option, I will not argue with that fact but what if I told you there may be another way, a healthier way with less side effects, that accomplishes the same thing and more, would you be interested? What if I told you that disease is complex and that many factors can contribute to you staying healthy or to you getting sick? What if I told you that I believe that we can achieve greater health, positive health and balance in our bodies if we explore the complex layered elements that contribute to us getting sick like environmental factors and diet?

Studies have shown that many health conditions are a complex interaction of a person’s genetics and the environment. Some common environmental factors that contribute to increasing your risk of getting sick and/or preventing your cells from functioning optimally are;

  1. Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids
  2. Food sensitivities, often an unrecognized gluten and dairy sensitivity
  3. Toxins from plastics and solvents, heavy metals like mercury and lead
  4. Chronic stress and elevation in stress hormones
  5. Lack of meaningful relationships and poor social or family support
  6. Lack of enjoyment, lack of joy in life

And these are only a few. The beauty is that they are all modifiable factors. If you address these factors in your life you can be healthier, improve the quality of your life, decrease your symptoms, increase your energy and increase your joy. Yes, you can!Image

For true health and vitality find a delicious nurturing rich life. Feed your body well, Remove what is making you feel sick and find the things in life that help you to feel joy and meaning. This is good medicine without any side effects that will help you have far greater health, more energy and vitality than any medication.


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