Incredible! Red wine stains gone & no toxic bleach

09 Jul

biokleenI do not usually endorse products but I am so excited by this one that I had to share and make sure everyone knows about it!

When it comes to cleaning my house I usually ‘make my own’ cleaning solutions, lemon juice, vinegar, essential oils…. or else I specifically buy earth friendly biodegradable products because household cleaning products that are not, are truly toxic to you, our pets and the environment. I am especially a big fan of the ‘no bleach’ in my house movement (this is my own movement my the way, but feel free to join at any time to help improve our own personal health, that of our families and furry friends and of the planet).

And so the other night when I went out and spilled red wine all over my white perfectly new shorts, I was pherklempt as my Jewish Grandma would say, meaning, I was beside myself. As it happens, I saw this product used by one of my coworkers for her odorous feet problem and so when it was on sale at the so-op I thought I will just buy some and have it in case. So me and my white stained shorts biked home from dinner and I shpritzed those red stains and let me shorts rest and waited….the next morning, I ran to my experiment and saw that although the stains were markedly faded, they were regrettably still there. So I did not give up, I shpritzed some more and by the time I came home from work the stains were gone! Totally gone! OMG love this stuff….made of enzymes, earth friendly, kind to animals, why would anyone choose to kill their stains and the planet with bleach when we have great products like this? Thank you Biokleen and Bac-out!

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