Magical Sausage and Eggs at Mcdonald’s Heals Man with Diabetes!

05 Dec

I was at my sweet friend’s house the other night. Names will be modified in this blog post to protect the innocent, but just as a reference, this is the friend who I blogged about over a year ago. She is the one who almost took ten years off my life and that of her whole family by serving black broccoli aka; toxic laden nitrate filled charred cancer producing broccoli.

Anyways we all survived that dinner, but I digress… So I was at her house the other night and we were chatting about health issues and as it turns out her husband, Mr B, had a near death experience because of poor glucose control. Mr B survived, changed his life, changed his diet, lost some weight and now feels great.

So I am thinking wow, what did he do, South Beach, Paleo, Atkins what? How did this man change his diet to lose the weight and feel great?

Well, the conversation, in her kitchen of course, continues and he shares his great weight loss tactics. Every morning, he no longer skips breakfast but on his way to work he stops at McDonald’s and gets a hearty meal of sausage McMuffin and eggs. I stand there in the kitchen mouth agape, not moving or commenting because I am scared of what may come out… And he proudly goes on to say that he does this based on diabetic counselling, at the hospital no less. They clearly told him to eat breakfast and he was told by the diabetic nutritionist that he had to eat at least 30-70 grams of carbs in each meal with some protein. That sausage Mcmuffin with egg I may add, he wanted me to make sure I did not forget to add the protein component aka, the egg, clearly fits the bill of the diabetic requirements.

Still I stand there silently in the kitchen…..ok, smiling to myself because the irony of all of this is killing me…

Mr B, is actually right! And who can argue with a man who has lost weight, never has felt better and finally has his sugar under control?

So I ran home and looked up the nutritional profile of these magical eggs and sausages, here it is in case you were wondering:

450 calories; not bad for a hearty breakfast

Sodium: 930mg…yikes! That will come back and bite him in the you know what with high blood pressure

Carbohydrates 29 grams; right on track with the diabetic counselling

Cholesterol 290 mg, another yikes

But my gosh, it is low on the glycemic index only 13,  so totally ok for diabetics unless they are also concerned about the state of affairs of your heart and/or arteries, then beware!

Clearly diabetic counselling needs to go one step deeper but I have to say, kudos to MR B for trying and I think given his past and the information he has that he is dong amazing, “great job MR B!”


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3 responses to “Magical Sausage and Eggs at Mcdonald’s Heals Man with Diabetes!

  1. sara

    December 5, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Thank you for sharing this story!

  2. Sarah Burns Warman

    December 6, 2012 at 11:58 am

    I can’t believe I just read that article. It’s BS and everyone knows it. Sorry about your friend, but heart attack is next. I will not read about that place. Unsubscribed as of now.

    • drinthekitchen

      December 6, 2012 at 2:45 pm

      I am sorry that you feel this way the whole point of the article was to point out the irony of this man’s poor diabetic education and the fact that may have lost weight but is now most certainly headed for a heart attack. Perhaps I did not make this clear or it was lost in irony. I am in no way a fan of McD, in fact I too am appalled by them. Ultimately, I beleive they they may contribute to more illness in America than any other industry and I only eluded to them becasue HE thought that he was being saved by this wonderful new choice of his! Only Irony….again, maybe it was lost in my writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though….


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