Sprout your own edible seeds this weekend…YUM!

31 Mar

Need a great, easy, fun weekend little project with a high rate of gratification and sensory return? Try sprouting your own sunflower seeds this weekend. It is easy, yummy and in the end a tasty, super healthy treat.

So How To Sprout? Easy!! I soak my seeds overnight, drain them of the water the next day and place in a collander. I keep mine in the collander and water them twice a day until I literally see then sprout, they will look like they have a little tail. Do not keep them in the water, just rinse them twice a day. If you home is warm within a few hours the sprouting process actually begins, the tail, however,may take a few days to form. Then I season them as desired, salt, yeast, smoked paprika or BBQ spicing, or curry, whatever I like on that given day, then place in the dehydrator and 24 hours later, voila! Ready for your palate pleasure.

Just so you know, I love sprouting my seeds and nuts and grains because the health benefits are tremendous and when I then dehydrate them they make super healthy crunchy yummy snacks ideal for those who are on the go but still want high quality easy to eat super nutritious foods.

So why sprout you ask? The process of sprouting or germination fundamentally changes the nutrient composition of any seed. Nutrients such as enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins are substantially increased and become more bioavailable, allowing for better absorption. For example, sprouting doubles the antioxidant (ORAC) value of flaxseeds. The “anti-nutrients” such as phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors and insoluble fibers are decreased, again allowing for increased bioavailability and nutrient absorption. Dehydration then ensures minimal loss of taste and more importantly preservation of these fragile enzyles and nutrients that can be lost with cooking.


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2 responses to “Sprout your own edible seeds this weekend…YUM!

  1. Amy

    April 2, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    So, if I’m actually going to try this, I need to know- do I leave the shells on the sunflower seeds? Or should I buy the kind that are already shelled?

    Also, since I don’t have a dehydrator, do you have a recommendation for brand and/or features?

    • drinthekitchen

      April 2, 2012 at 2:02 pm

      Hi Amy,
      It is so great that you are going to sprout your own! You will love them. As for how, good point you made and I will need to clarify, the sunflower seeds that you will use are the ones without their shells on. As for the type of dehydrator, it really does not matter and try them raw without dehydrating, they are fabulous that way as well.
      Keep me posted and how they turn out.
      Be well,


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