3 reasons to add seaweed to your diet (or at least to consider it :)

21 Mar

Not that I need another reason to love eating seaweed and sushi but just in case you do, consider these 3 vital facts of one of my favorite foods

Asian cultures have known for centuries of the extremely high mineral content, especially iodine, found in all seaweeds. Iodine is essential for proper thyroid function.

Seaweeds typically have a super high amino acid/protein content, 100 grams, or roughly one cup of nori seaweed contains 41.4 grams of protein. (that’s all natural, plant based protein…wow!!!)

Seaweed is super rich in vitamins A, C and especially B-12 which makes this sea vegetable a favorite among vegetarians.

The most popular seaweed is called Nori, also known as purple laver or Porphyra yezoensis. It is the seaweed most widely used as a wrap for sushi. It is usually sold in large, thin, dried sheets. You can use these sheets (need to lightly wet them first) to wrap your favorite sandwich foods in and this way you can also avoid gluten, extra carbs and empty calories.

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