Black is the new red…

27 Dec

Just in case you are thinking that I have changed rooms in the house to be the Dr in Your Closet, think again! I am not referring to colors/fashion in your wardrobe, I am talking about fashion in the kitchen, the latest diet trend is to eat red versus black berries, at least when it comes to improving your health. The latest superfood, black raspberries are making headlines in the news. Now called Mac Black in the UK, they have a more intense flavor than their red counterparts and also deliver a rich dose of ellagic acid and anthocyanins, so more antioxidants per juicy bite. Extracts from these berries may slow down certain cancers including breast, esophageal, cervical and colon. These are the king of berries! I think I meant the queen of berries! Oh never mind, lets just call these new superstars the Royalty of berries! If you can find them, indulge…They also have extracts that you can take as a supplement.

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