3 amazing tips to keep your energy high and blood sugars low

16 Dec

Rule #1: Pair every sugar or carbohydrate you eat with some form of protein in similar serving size, and fat. That means every piece of whole grain toast, bowl of oatmeal, cereal, piece of pretzel, chip, candy bar, chunk of chocolate, sip of juice, cup of fruit (ok you get it right?) gets matched with a high protein and fat source such as nuts ( a handful of almonds, walnuts, pistachios) seeds that includes (flax, hemp, sesame) or eat a tsp of nut butter, an organic egg with the yolk, or a piece of organic cheese.

Rule #2: Choose carbohydrates high in fiber: whole grains, whole wheat over white, oatmeal instead of cream of wheat, brown rice or wild rice or sweet potatoes over Idaho spuds, white rice, cous cous. Try an apple with your peanut butter instead of pretzles or chips: Or have a flacker, it contains it all, high fiber, good protein, low low carbs and super-duper omega 3 fatty acids.

Rule #3: Have a protein snack between meals if they are more than four hours apart. That will help keep blood-sugar and energy levels steady. This doesn’t mean eating a lot: It’s a handful of almonds, a thin slice or two of turkey, or a few slices of cheese or some humus on a flacker. Your meals might become smaller, as frequent snacking may make you less hungry and that is ok.

Avoid too much caffeine, avoid skipping meals and for optimal energy and health, get outside and take a brisk walk this afternoon, the fresh air will revitalize you and the sunshine’s natural vitmain d will keep you healthy!


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