Americans are Stocking Up on Radiation Remedies, Should You?

16 Mar

So today I went out and bought potassium iodide motivated by the scary pictures coming out of Japan. Am I being too reactive? According to ABC news health, the answer is yes. Scientists are saying that there is minimal risk to the USA but then they also add the following statement:

“Radiation is all around us and it’s perfectly normal and safe. Bananas are radioactive. So are microwave ovens, cell phones and X-rays, even people. Every year, just walking around on the planet, each of us is exposed to about 3.5 millisieverts (mSv) of radiation. That is the equivalent of approximately 94 chest X-rays.”

And while this is happening, at no risk according to this article, the rate of cancer is on the rise. Hmmmm. Maybe it is not so safe after all.

Even in the worst-case scenario, if there is a full meltdown, doctors say the radiation levels here in the USA would be so low by the time they reached America they couldn’t hurt anyone. Which is why experts are telling ABC News that there is no need to panic and no need to run out for potassium iodide pills.

The question is who do we believe and how do we really know? For now I feel safer with my potassium iodide in hand. I did buy it in the form of kelp, however, because I also believe that potassium can be toxic and in the natural kelp form there are other nutrients that will balance out its potency.

What choice will you make?

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