Are superfoods really super for you?

07 Mar

This term is definitely being use a lot these days and so you have to ask yourself, are super foods really superfoods. What does it mean? According to this past year if you just ate chocolate, a few berries per day and drank red wine we would all live to 100. And maybe that’s true but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe longevity involves more than that.

The idea that one food or one herb will give you eternal life is a wonderful fantasy but is it reality? It has been my experience as a doctor that as much as I would like to believe this the truth is a whole other matter. So what does it take to have a long, vibrant, enegetic fulfilling life? I am still working on that equation and so far this is what I have come up with:

The fountain of youth comes to those who have

1. good genes

2. a balanced, healthy lifestyle

3. a balanced, minimally processed diet

4. someone who feels love in their life

5. the person who knows how to manage the stress of daily life well

6. the person who incorporates a wide variety of superfoods into their diet knowing that each one has great benefits that will work synergystically in their body to help cells function optimimally and stay disease free.

So drink a cup of green tea, eat some kale and spinach and flax seeds today, followed by yummy dark chocolate and perhaps relax tonight and enjoy a glass of red wine. Make sure that you also give and receive some loving and thank our family for the good longevity genes that you may have received….

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