Sunchokes: my new favorite crunchy fiber snack

21 Nov

Ok, so for years now I have been reading about inulin and actually thinking about using it in one of my products. Inulin is a fiber, prebiotic, so the good bacteria in your gutt love this stuff . I learnt that their fiber comes from a few sources one is Jerusalem Artichokes, and I have to say, up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what one of these looked liked. Then lo and behold I am at the Co-op and i see an odd looking thing that I do not recognize and ask what it is. A ‘sunchoke he says and then tell me they are great raw and taste kind of nutty, so a grab a few and the second I get home, try one, yum is all I have to say, seriously! And then I get on-line and see that the sunchoke happens to be the elusive mysterious Jerusalem artichoke and it was in my kitchen and i was eating them!

I have to say it is strange to find ‘new foods” How wonderful really!

So what is the sunchoke deal? here it is….. the intriguing sunchoke stores starch as inulin – a carbohydrate that is safe for diabetics and may even heal diabetes – and they are rich in prebiotics, good for the intestinal tract.

 Actually a tuber, the sunchoke looks like a small, bumpy potato or ginger root. The knobby, thin-skinned exterior is usually tannish-gold to cream colored but some varieties are reddish or purplish. Sweet and quite delicate, the crisp, white flesh has almost a sweetly fresh nutty taste with subtle hints of artichoke heart. Ivory and crunchy, the chewy texture is quite similar to jicama or a water chestnut.

Containing more than three times the iron as an equal serving of broccoli, sunchokes offer a generous amount of the carbohydrate inulin, plus vitamin B and vitamin C. Because of their generous amount of inulin, this vegetable is tolerated well by diabetics. Four ounces contains about 60 calories.

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