Make your holiday feast healthy & chemical free

19 Nov


Food can contain ingredients we don’t want to eat — from pesticides to hormones to artificial additives to food packaging chemicals. Some simple tips to cut the chemicals:

o        Buy organic when you can. I make sure fresh fruits and vegetables are on the menu, and I go organic when I can. Organic produce is grown without synthetic pesticides (I prefer my dinner without, thanks!). Organic meat and dairy products also limit your family’s exposure to growth hormones and antibiotics.

o        It’s OK to choose non-organic from the “Clean 15” list ( )  less-contaminated conventional fruits and vegetables, too. EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides ranks popular fruits and vegetables based on the amount of pesticide residues found on them

o        Cook with fresh foods, avoid highly processed food and canned, whenever you can. Food containers can leach packaging chemicals into food, including food can linings that leach the synthetic estrogen bisphenol A into food. Instead, head for fresh food or prepared foods in glass containers. Pick recipes that call for fresh, not canned, foods.

For more healthy tips go to:

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