Fend off the blues and colds, how? Move!

03 Nov

The days are getting shorter and colder, not my favorite time of year,  I have to say, but it is what it is says the zen master in me. Having said that as the temperatures dips, most people, including myself, are attracted to more comfort like foods – craving carbohydrates at this time of year, may seem like just the perfect cure for a long night and a mood enhancer. The craving is real actually and may be due to a seasonal dip in serotonin levels.

Unfortunately, eating carbohydrates tends to increase serotonin production, which can elevate your mood–but only temporarily. In a few hours, you will need another fix. By the time winter is over, that evening craving may have helped you to pack on a lot of extra unwanted carbohydrate-fueled pounds.

A better way to stimulate serotonin is with regular exercise.  Exercise stimulates serotonin production with no carbohydrate hang-over. Instead of gaining winter weight, you might even trim down.  Overcoming your Fall fatigue and getting yourself moving may take some self-discipline at first. But the rewards, in the form of more energy and a brighter mood, come quickly, in fact instantaneously in most cases.

Exercise is also really a powerful weapon to boost the immune system. A recent study in the  British Journal of  Sports medicine suggests that exercise can help to prevent the common cold. There is no supplement, drug, or lifestyle intervention that has this same power to fight off colds and to make you feel good. So today, get up and get moving, 20 minutes ok? And if you are in my hood, feel free to pick me up on your way….

For more info on exercise and cold relief go to:

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