Super Food Sprouts; why do it and how?

01 Sep

I did say that I would mention something in my next blog about how to sprout your nuts and seeds and grains- so here goes….

Ok, but first, why do you even want to know this? Gosh, where do I begin!!!??? I sprout anything and everything that I can because I believe strongly that it is healthier for you.

Sprouted foods are generally higher in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber AND they are more digestible because sprouting increases the enzyme activity within a food. It also is said to be more digestible because sprouting decreases phytates which can prevent us humans from completely being able to digest these seeds to begin with. So really, need I say more?

AND Sprouting is fun and simple. You soak your seeds or beans or grains, drain them and then rinse them twice a day until they germinate or form ‘tails” or sprout. Nuts are unique in that they will not form tails and most raw food people feel that just soaking them for 6-8 hours is good enough to get the benefits. But most seeds and beans and grains will sprout.

The ‘how to’ details: I soak my seeds or beans or grains for 12 hours in a bowl of water, then I place them in a colander, rinse, let them sit on my counter and then water them twice a day.(They should not sit in the water). If it is warm out sprouting will happen in one-two days, if it cold it can take longer. As a general rule 24-48 hours will germinate the food, longer will actually sprout it but you can reap the benefits fully even after one day.

Some stores have sprouting jars or bags which is great but not necessary. So go out on a limb today and try it! Today go buy some sunflower seeds and experiment. These are easy to sprout and they grow a nice tail which is very satisfying. It will take a few days so be patient but once you see that tail it will feel like sunshine growing in your colander!

And just so you know, because people always ask me, flackers ( are made from sprouted flax seeds. In fact once, a few pieces landed in my drain and a two days later there were sprouts growing out of my sink!

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