Is raw sugar better?

12 Aug

Usually most things ‘raw’ are perceived as being much better and healthier. In the case of sugar, not so much, ok maybe just a little. Raw sugar is less processed then refined sugar, so it still has trace minerals and nutrients present. Refined sugar is devoid of all nutrients. Also when sugar is refined and processed, I read that there are said to be harmful ingredients that are added to it, such as Phosphoric Acid, Sulfur Dioxide, and Formic Acid. Unrefined raw sugar does not have these. 

So, I would say that it is slightly more nutritious, and healthier. If you plan on eating sugar I would definitely choose raw unrefined sugar-but at the end of the day, the calorie content is  similar as is the overall effect on the your body.

Also, be aware that unrefined raw sugar is different from brown sugar. Brown sugar is sugar that has been refined and then molasses has been added to it.

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One response to “Is raw sugar better?

  1. laurie schneider

    August 12, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    I’m curious about all the new “healthy” choices for sweetners. Of course, I’m bias, but I think untreated, unprocessed, RAW honey is the best. If you’d like the inside scoop on how to identify “real” honey, let’s talk. As with sugar, there are “bad” honeys and yes, even fake honey. As a beekeeper, I know that honey is packed with vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Also, it has healing properties, as does, propolis and pollen. Honey & propolis are antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral. In fact, a CDC multi-million dollar study is being conducted into propolis to kill the AIDS virus. Honeybees may save the world some day!


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