Let’s tax bad food

13 Jul

Obesity rates have ballooned in the US in recent years.  15 percent of the population was obese in 1980, compared to 34 percent today ( according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). In addition, as a result of obesity there is an increase of related diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These ailments consume millions, maybe even billions of dollars, yours and mine by the way, because obesity and poor health ultimately raise the cost of healthcare. What I find ironic is that these diseases are largely, no pun intended, self-induced. They are due to poor diet and lack of activity and poor lifestyle choices. When I look at grocery stores and menus in restaurants I also see that the cheapest foods tend to be the worst for us, have the highest fat, sugar and calorie content. I was just thinking that would it not be great if the state or the country put a tax on foods that had for example greater than 5 grams  of added sugar or foods that were fried in rancid poor quality vegetable oils, or a special tax on food with corn syrup in them. Just a  thought…After all, we tax tobacco now and alcohol, why not tax the food that is making us fat and sick? Any thoughts?

And one more thought. What about all of us who try really hard to eat well and exercise and who grow our own food, and conserve and add to the health if the planet, maybe we can in turn also be compensated somehow, a new tax return let’s say, or lower health care insurance premiums. I know it is a pipe dream, but wow, would that not be amazing-and what a great incentive too. Just some thoughts….Maybe Obama will read this and have his aha moment for the day.

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