Safe picnicking rules

03 Jul

Be safe this holiday weekend and stay healthy because it is going to be hot, really hot, the rules of picnicking are different then usual.

First of all drink a lot of fluids and stay hydrated. Remember that alcohol is dehydrating so for every glass of alcohol that you have, follow that with a chaser of water.

Protect yourself from the sun. For a list of safe and chemical free lotions go to www.

The absolute maximum time for leaving prepared foods at room temperature is 2 hours on a cool day-including time for preparation, serving and eating. So limit  what you take out of the fridge or cooler because after two hours you will probably need to compost/discard any perishable foods that were left out at room temperature. If you are eating outdoors at a picnic or cookout where temperatures are over 90°F, like today, discard/compost foods after 1 hour.

Enjoy this glorious weekend happy soon to be fourth!

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