Olive Oil Fraud Beware

09 Jun

Buying olive oil can be a very confusing task to many consumers. Lets see there is extra light and light olive oil, which is enticing to the eye and waist line if you are watching your weight, only the reality is that many times calorie content is not different, only the color and perhaps the flavor is lighter. Light olive oil, for instance, has the same calorie and fat content as many other types. The there is virgin olive oil, which of course many people will and do confuse for extra virgin, but it is not – and by the way, you only want to consume extra virgin, not virgin olive oil.

Then there are companies who claim extra virgin olive oil, which I am discovering, up to now has not been regulated in the USA, and so maybe it is extra virgin olive oil and maybe it isn’t. From a health perspective, I do not like these odds. As a consumer I want what I think I am paying for and what I now is healthy, don’t you?

This truth or information is invaluable. If it is in fact Extra virgin, perfect! This is what we want in our bodies. If it is not, it actually can have harmful effects on our joints, heart and overall health. So how does the consumer know? Well historically I would call the companies and ask and hope that they were telling me truth, not a great sytem….Today however I read an article that made me smile and will hopefully make your day better too, and it said that finally, finally that the USDA will adopt a new policy so that manufacturers cannot call their oil virgin, or extra virgin if they are not. Seams like a no brainer really but up until now, no one was really watching manufacturers. Hopefully this will change now…yay!

For the actual article click here..

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