Are your smoothies really healthy?

07 Jun

According to  nutritional data that “healthy” berry blend at your favorite smoothie shop can have a whopping 80 grams of sugar, 350 calories, little to no protein, and often, no fresh fruit. Fruit “concentrates” are often used instead of fresh fruit. And sorbet, ice cream, and sweeteners can make these no better than a milkshake. At least if you are drinking a smoothie shouldn’t it be healthy and lower in calories than a float or milkshake-if not, I want to be drinking the milkshake!

Ask before it is given….ask them if they use real fruit, ask them if added to this, they use fruit juice concentrate (more calories and sugar and possibly corn syrup-you may choose to just add water) ask them if their yogurt is full fat and is it healthy yogurt with beneficial bacteria or not.  Do they add flax seeds in it to give you some fiber and omega-3’s, do they add protein powders or a green/red vegetable berry high antioxidant powder or a tsp of almond butter to make it more nutritious, healthier and filling-if not you may just order a small cup or simply step out of that line and either go home and blend yourself a really healthy fabulous fresh, low calorie, super high in nutrient smoothie, or else maybe go next door to the ice cream shop and for 350-400 calories, enjoy that ice cream you never have!

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