Safe and healthy fish-is there such a thing?

27 May

I usually tell my clients to get some omega-3 fatty acids into their diet. It is great for heart health, joint mobility and to decrease inflammation in our bodies. Plant sources include flax seeds, walnuts and hemp seeds, but the true winner and that the best way to get mercury free healthy omega three fish oils is by eating sardines.

At this point the usual patient reaction is ‘gross!” but let me just say that there are ways to enjoy this healthy hardy food! One way is to think of it as tuna fish and use it like you would tuna. Add to salads and sandwiches and season with mayo, or lemon juice and olive oil or dill and celery. Besides being healthier than tuna, tuna is overfished and soon maybe even difficult to find, so this is an excellent alternative. Sardines can be found packed in olive oil, which are much tastier than the water-packed kind. Now they also come in lemon juice and tomato sauce-so there is no excuse not to at least try them!

The benefits are plenty and worth the challenge of trying to find a way to eat them and enjoy them. They are full of satiating protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. if you buy the ones with bones, you can get a whopping dose of calcium with every bite. Sardines are also low on the food chain and thus less apt to contain heavy metals than their larger kin.  The protein and fat work in tandem to fill you up and minimize blood sugar swings, making it easier to stick with your weight-loss program.

So go ahead and try them, you may even like them!

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