Free and energizing H2O

17 May

Are you drinking enough water while you exercise? I am not going to even ask if you are exercising, I will just make that assumption ok. With that said, when you sweat, you lose water, which must be replaced.

How much? Most experts recommend drinking at least a cup (four to 10 ounces) of water every 15 minutes of exercise. 

Is it really that much? It depends on how vigorous your activity level is that day. But yes, the more vigorous, the more fluids are needed.

Why? There is no better way to compromise your workout and your performance than to exercise while you’re dehydrated. For starters, dehydration causes fatigue and why begin your workout with less energy when you can instantaneously have more. Plus, research shows that your heart rate increases eight beats per minute for every liter of sweat lost during exercise. This increased heart rate, combined with inefficient cooling, causes your temperature to elevate. This can compromises your performance as well, decreasing your energy and your metabolism (exactly the opposite of what we want!) and if that’s not enough incentive, it can also make you feel sick.

So drink up, water is free, it has no calories and most of the time it will provide you with many benefits!

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