Green Cleaning

08 Apr

Its spring- and for many people that usually means a lot of cleaning! Let’s do it different this year. Instead of buying our cleaning products and potentially using hundreds of toxic chemicals, perhaps this year we can make our own safe, and healthier products.

If we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with our grandparents, or people who lived before the ‘Chemical Age’ began,  we would discover that many householders used a limited number of simple substances to keep most objects in the house clean, order-free, and pest-free. Soap, vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, ammonia, borax, alcohol, cornstarch-ie; mainly food ingredients.

Let’s go back to the basics!

All-purpose cleaner :

white vinegar and water cleans counters windows and floors. Add in some baking soda and now you get mild abrasive action, perfect for tile and baths.

For that fresh clean scent, open your windows. I like to spray essential oil mixes as well, this way I can chose the scent I like. you can buy them already made or make them yourself.

Now don’t you feel better already?

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