longevity snacks

17 Mar

Because I just came back from a trip, my fridge was poorly stocked. All day I found myself feeling hungry (ok, feeling the munchies is more accurate) and while dark chocolate chips are a great snack, they are by no means a meal replacement (ok, maybe an occassional meal). This reminded me of something that I tell all of  my patients. that I wanted to share…keep fruits, vegetables and other healthy munchies within easy reach. Put a bowl of fruit and some almonds or seeds on the counter in the kitchen. Make sure fruits and vegetables are clearly visible when you open the refrigerator. Try and keep some salsa or guacamole available so that you do not get bored with just veggies. I will also have these with flackers and sometimes I will melt my almond cheese, with some pesto on my flackers for a real yummy snack. Even have some yogurt or kefir in the fridge so that you can dice, blend in some fruit and then add flax seeds and nuts or seeds and have a super snack. I will even keep some of my favorite greens blend powder or protein powder and mix that in when I am really wanting something substantial.  If it is available to you and you can see it, you may be more likely to eat it over some other less healthy alternative.

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