the good and the not so good about food bars

03 Mar

A word about food bars. My Spa Diva girlfriend asked me the other day about a food bar she was hooked on; is it good for me? Can I eat it and still stay thin and healthy? Basically she asked me for the low down…here is what I think.

I have to say that for the most part I think of food bars as very healthy candy. The good ones have super ingredients in them, filled with greens, fruits, vegetable powders, flax seeds, vitamins minerals and more. But even the good ones tend to be held together by a lot of sugar; the sugar may be disguised in the form of fructose, brown rice syrup, fruit juice concentrate or god forbid corn syrup, but in the end it’s all just a lot of sugar! 

The way I see it is if you read the label and the portion of sugar is double or in many cases with food bars, triple the amount of protein, fiber and omega fats, then basically you are eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, so many great items but also again, a lot of sugar. So in general, I just stay away from all of them unless I am really hungry for a super healthy candy snack. 

I will say this, if you are not concerned about calories, glycemic issues and you work out regularly and have the opportunity to burn that sugar off, these foods are great and convenient.  Aside from the sugar they can offer some very important nutritional value to your diet but having said that and apple and some almonds and walnuts are also a great convenient snack – you choose!

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