tuna mercury

20 Feb

I have to say that I used to love eating tuna. When I grew up canned tuna was a staple in our house. Every Sunday at lunch my mom would come home from playing tennis with my dad and she would make the same lunch week after week. She would mix canned tuna with lots of mayo and celery and serve it over a green salad with tomatoes and I was in heaven- oh ya that was also because our side dish was a chocolate milkshake…yum! (and of course now, I would never ever even get close to a meal like that, except for the salad. ) In fact, I never eat tuna anymore for many reasons; I am concerned that they are highly overfished and when they are caught for human consumption dolphins are often trapped in the nets and also killed and the whole thing really just makes me sick-so I stopped eating tuna.

Most Americans on the other hand, are not as wise. I just read a few scary facts that I want to share. First of all Americans consume about 1 billion pounds of canned tuna a year. Yikes!!! Now, if you happen to be one of these Americans and the ways of the fishing industry do not bother you maybe this will…Did you know that fish consumption is considered the primary way humans get exposed to methylmercury, which can cause numerous health effects like central nervous system damage, hearing loss, vision problems and even death- double yikes!

And just so you know, more than half of canned tuna samples from three national brands exceeded the U.S. EPA safety level for human consumption according to a new study recently published.

Maybe its time to rethink our tuna fetish. I say we find another healthier, safer salad or sandwich filler and leave the poor tuna alone!

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