wet your whistle naturally

15 Feb

What can I say, Americans love to drink! Bottles beverages are one of the top selling ‘food’ items in the USA. In general, Americans drink an overwhelming amount of sodas, sports drinks, energy boosters, juices and other bottled beverages.

This amounts to a lot of sugar, a lot of plastic, a lot of unecessary calories, and really a lot of unecessary waste.

The first problem with this is that most of these drinks are loaded with sweeteners and artificial flavors and colors- just bad for you all around. The second is that they’re bottled in plastic, which can leach additional toxic chemicals into your precious body!

Our bodies are over 60% water, so why not hydrate it with its favorite beverage…water!

Make an investment in your health and the health of the planet by drinking more water and use your own; invest in a water filter and reusable stainless steel water bottles. They quickly pay for themselves and are well worth it…

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