Avoiding the sugar blues

12 Feb

I have to say that I love my fruit. People who know me will tell you that I can eat a whole pineapple in a day, in addition to grapefruits, a few apples, a few kiwis of course, berries because we all need our berry antioxidant daily dose and a banana when I feel like my calves are tight and crampy and I need some potassium.
And even though fruit is fabulous for your health, all that fruit still amounts to a lot of sugar. It is not glucose which is the simple sugar found in most processed foods, it is fructose, so slightly different, absorbed a little more slowly than glucose, but in the end still acts like sugar in our bodies. What does that mean? For most people it looks and feels like this: Sugar raises blood glucose levels giving us a wonderful sense of euphoria and energy that is followed quickly by a rise in insulin, the hormone that takes the sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells of your body-which leads to the notorious sugar blahs, we feel sluggish perhaps and then crave a little more sugar. And then the cycle begins again.
To compensate for my fructose weakness and to avoid the sugar blues I use this tip:
I try and always eat fat or fiber with my glucose or fructose. So maybe I will have my sugar with some flax seeds or maybe a few nuts and some seeds like sunflower. When I do this, it helps to keep my blood sugar steady so I avoid the highs and then the following lows. Fat and fiber slow the digestion process and the absorption of sugar into the blood stream, so glucose enters the bloodstream more gradually. And because the nuts and seeds are rich in monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s the perfect combination of delicious nutritious nutrients.

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