Another yummy quick green superfood recipe

13 Jan

Last night it was nine pm when I stepped into my house after a long day at work. I was hungry and since I really had no snacking kinds of food in my place that were tempting -(ok I lie, there is always popcorn in my house but I was thinking a little healthier nosh first) I decided on an ol faithful of mine, really simple, highly nutiritious delicious, we’ll call it spinach delight.

Here is the recipe:

In a pot or large frying pan cut up or place a few cloves of garlic; 1-3 depending on your taste buds. Place on medium heat, I ususally add a little water so they do not burn, or if you want a little extra virgin olive oil, a tsp works as well. Once slightly light brown add frozen organic spinach – so no washing, no prep time, easy! Let this cook until all the spinach is unfrozen. Cook only on medium heat as to maintain the nutirtious properties and integrity of the vitmains and minerals.

Add a dash of unrefined sea salt, a dash of pepper if you like. Sometimes I will add a tsp of curry powder as well. Blend together with hand blender or eat as is and voila!

Yummy healthy easy!

Now what are the health benefits of this wonderful simple  dish. Where do I begin!

It is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B6, and minerals like potassium, calcium and zinc. Even more amazing is that research has shown that spinach is packed with over a dozen phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that are beneficial to your optimal health.

For example….Spinach has lutein, which is a nutrient that has been extensively shown in studies to protect against not only macular degeneration but also cataracts. It is also good for bone health being a rich source of calcium and vitamin K.  Because of a carotenoid substance that spinach contains called neoxanthin, there is potential for spinach to help prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer. And finally, as we know from our good friend popeye, spinach contains a lot of iron. Just remember that to help iron be absorbed better a little vitmain c can be helpful.

Anyways, many reasons to love spinach. try this easy recipe or eat it in a salad plain. Either way, enjoy! To your health and bon appetit!

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