01 Jan

Many of my colleagues are boycotting New Year’s resolutions this year saying that are  too commercialized and that nobody really keeps them anyways, but I beg to differ. I mean, first of all, this is not just a new year but it is a new decade. Could there really be a better time to start fresh, renew our personal vows and move forth and conquer them? This is it! It’s the best time to contemplate what we want, how we want to feel and how we plan on spending the next decade. Today being  a holiday is really the perfect time to maybe spend some time with yourself and assess the global situation of your life-or at least to look at one aspect of your life and figure out what you want it to look like, feel like in these next coming weeks and even years.

For example…I know that  after the holidays many people are thinking about weight loss-so think about how you want to feel, and actually imagine that you do feel that way (and this can be done with eyes opened or closed) but really feel what it is like to be thinner, less weighted down, moving in a svelte kind of way, and then get up and actually move! Yes today, start by exercising today, no more excuses- If you are not a fitness kind of person you just have to commit to ten minutes every single day, vigorous exercise preferable. If you already do this then decide to up the anti of your routine, maybe at three-minute intervals or five-minute intervals add a sprint or increase the incline, the resistance, the effort in your routine. Just by doing that you will feel better, burn a few extra calories and the weight will begin to go down. Also maybe make one food commitment today that will help jump-start that resolution as well. Have you tried my celery trick yet? If not, add three sticks of celery to your diet per day and then consider perhaps eliminating a common food sensitive item like wheat/gluten which includes breads, pasta, many grain alcohols, most cookies and desserts, many processed packaged foods, all breaded foods and most fast foods and  you just have to do this for one week and I suspect you will see a big difference. You can do anything for one week right? Take the challenge. No more contemplating, just do it! At the end of the week you can let me know how you feel and more importantly how your clothes feel on your body.

And since not everyone wants weight loss to be their main goal, if you have on your list ‘get healthier” than contemplate this; eliminating wheat and gluten from the diet for one week may benefit people in more ways than just weight loss. Many symptoms including, headaches, IBS, fatigue, sinusitis, brain fog, depression, ADD and more have been associated with food sensitivities. So even if weight loss is not your goal, you may still notice that you feel better by eliminating wheat/gluten from your diet. In terms of exercise, most people feel so much better when they do, versus when they don’t and so ten minutes a day should be manageable and the effects can be enormous in terms of how you feel, how much energy you have, how well you sleep and your overall health.

Since I know that you will feel better after the week- make way for the new you and just let yourself feel as good as you can. Keep me posted!

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