Thursday is “toxin free your body day”

31 Dec

With the New Year coming in and the increase intake possibly/probably tonight of rich foods, alcohol and other goodies we may regret tomorrow I thought that today could be an eliminate toxin day (obviously prepping for tomorrow).  Short of abstinence which is unlikely for most people here is what I suggest.

TIP 1; Water is your friend tonight.  Water will help to eliminate toxins by flushing out your kidneys. This should provide some relief to the dehydrating effects of alcohol. If you drink water before you  go out and while you are out (yes, I am saying along with the drinking and eating) then not only will you feel fuller and possibly consume less but you will absolutely feel better in the am.

TIP 2: Take a multivitamin with extra b’s and C before going to bed. It is said that this helps relieve the effect of hangovers by breaking down the alcohol in your body.

TIP 3: Evening primrose help , two tsp or 1, 000 mg may help with symptoms of a hangover

TIP 4; The next morning get up and run or sweat in a sauna, Sweating gets rid of toxins through the skin very effectively and running will also just make you feel great.

TIP 5; My favorite remedy is taking a little milk thistle – this goes a  long long way…Try some before during and after your indulgence. Milk Thistle protects the liver and keeps this main detoxification organ in tip-top shape- a must for every New Year’s eve party!

TIP 6: Certain nutrients in bananas may help to relieve headaches

And there you have it…

If all else fails my friends tell me that taking ‘goodie’ powder works like a charm. I am not the source of that piece of information-but I can assure you, these friends know….

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