AA (Alison’s Alcohol) advice for the New Year

29 Dec

Ok so I am back to being ‘the doctor in the kitchen’, but I have not forgotten about my medical grumbling…Hopefully I can get back to that. In the mean time, with the New Year coming up everyone asks me about alcohol intake. Is it good for the health, bad for the health, how much is recommended ect…lets just begin by stating that alcohol should not be a prerequisite for a good time out, but lets face it, a little can go a  long way in making certain days feel much better, certain evenings way more enjoyable and certain guests, I mean social gatherings much more tolerable. But really, I do want to emphasize that in general a little alcohol is ok for you and your health, and also there are many other ways to feel good as well. people forget that alcohol is also a depressant, so while it makes you feel good temporarily, eventually and especially with too much, you will ultimately feel bad. But I regress because this is about enjoying the New Year and also about the possible benefits of alcohol. So are there any benefits of alcohol to your health? Yes and no…Probably not what people want to hear. Alcohol especially and specifically red wine is good for you. A glass a day may just keep the doctor way. Red wine contains anthocyanins, a potent anti-oxidant found in red grapes and it is also the source of resveratrol the anti aging miracle compound. What marketing people do not tell you is that you need to drink a lot of alcohol to get the dose of resveratrol that you would need to begin the process of aging less quickly, 1000 glasses of red wine a day would be the recommended dose-obviously not gonna happen! As for the anthocyanins, you can also get these powerful nutrients from red grapes, less enjoyable perhaps then red wine but just as effective. Also worth noting is that women should not drink more than one glass of alcohol per day. In women the risk of certain cancers goes up with more than one glass. In men this is not the case, they can apparently have two glasses and still be healthy. Ok, bottom line, the french paradox is not a myth, a glass of wine is beneficial to your heart to your health and to your longevity-but so is yoga/exercise, eating well/whole foods and stress free living- and the latter are much less controversial, you make the choice…. A Votre Sante’!

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