sodium savvy

18 Dec

My dad is having a lot of issues with fluid retention. Not the kind of fluid retention one gets as a woman during her menses or the sausage finger feeling I have had after a very long flight, but serious water retention issues. Anyways, we were having breakfast the other day and let me just say that my dad has been eating the same breakfast for forty years, bran for the bowels and flakes for the crunch and we were talking about ways to cut down on his sodium intake. My mom cooks with this jewish/kosher powdered chicken stock that has about 800 mg of sodium per tsp-this she insists is not the problem despite the fact that I witnessed her placing two whopping tablespoons of the stuff in the soup she was making for my father that was supposed to be sodium free! Unfortunately when I confronted her with this fact she took it really personally and did not speak with me for the rest f the day. But that is not the main story line here. The real shocker came when we started to read the labels on his favorite ‘healthy cereal’. The sodium content was outrageous- 350 mg per 1/2 cup in one, 275 mg per 1/4 cup in the other. These cereals will remain nameless my point is that it is a must to start reading labels. The other sad thing is my dad kept on saying ‘it must be per box, it must be per box’…He was not wearing his reading glasses and the print on the labels is so small he was just guessing the serving size. No! It is per serving and he has at least two per day. Moral of this story read you labels and just agree with your mother – no matter what.

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